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Fuel dispensers

Abgabesysteme für Diesel von Piusi bei Renotherm SAlzburg

Dispensers for Gasoline, Kerosene

Diispensers for Gasoline, Kerosene

Oil Dispensers

Oil Diispensers

Urea Dispensers

Urea Dispensers

70 Jahre Piusi - PArtner von Renotherm Salzburg

PIUSI was founded in 1953 in Suzzara, near Mantua (Italy), as a mechanical engineering workshop serving the agricultural sector. The company soon made a name for itself as a manufacturer of strong and easy-to-use products suitable for a wide range of “different uses” (più usi).

Today PIUSI SpA is a major player in over 120 different countries, with a broad range of intelligent, professional and easy-to-use solutions for transferring and measuring fuels, lubricants and liquids, able to satisfy customer needs by carefully and competently listening to the Voice of the Customer.