Air operated grease pumps

Air operated grease pumps BY mECLUBE - rENOTHERM

Air operated oil pumps

Air operated oil pumps BY mECLUBE - rENOTHERM

Oil aspirators/drain units

Oil aspirators/drain units by Meclube - Renotherm

Pressure sprayers

Pressure sprayers by Meclube - Renotherm

Tyre inflators

Tyre inflators by Meclube - Renotherm

Automatic hose reels

Automatic hose reels

Brake bleeders

Brake bleeders by Meclube - Renotherm


MECLUBE is an industrial company that manufactures lubricant equipment for specific client requirement and assistance. It’s a young and dynamic company, but it has already all the knowhow and the experience of qualified personnel.

MECLUBE is an on-going developing company with new product ideas to improve and facilitate the work in the lubricant distribution. Their company is able to offer high quality and great reliability to all of their customers.

For MECLUBE the customers represent the most important asset. Their general catalogue is published to illustrate the activity, structure and confirms that they are a real company of manufacturers.

The excellent combination of quality/price and delivery time makes this company an ideal partner.

Thanks to the high flexibility of their production modalities they are able to establish tailor-made solutions with e.g. the colour and the brand of the customer’s company. Their purchase cycle becomes complete with a speedy and qualified assistance service

company of manufacturers.


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