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Renotherm in Salzburg vertreibt die Produkte von Piusi
Renotherm in Salzburg ist Meclube Vertriebspartner
Remko Produkte erhältlich bei Renotherm Salzburg
Emiliana Serbatoi erhältlich bei Renotherm Salzburg

Pumps, fuel distribution, Air heating and conditioning, dehumidifying as well as a wide range of supplies are our speciality.


On this page you can view a detailed list of our products, or just click on the company logos of our suppliers for complete information about their product range. Our long-lasting collaboration with our suppliers guarantees the quality of our products as well as our reliablity as importer and business partner. We are distibution partners of REMKO, PIUSI, MECLUBE and Emiliana Serbatoi.

Our main purpose is the satisfaction of our customers, guaranteed by the following features:


  • Qualified consulting
  • Products of high quality
  • Immediate delivery
  • Quick and friendly claims handling


Our customers are construction companies, producers and dealers of construction and agricultural equipment, distributors of oils and chemical products, transport companies, agriculture, garages, plant engineering a.s.o..

Our operational area includes Austria, Switzerland, Germany as well as the complete CEE region.

We are sure that you will find the right solution for your needs and are looking forward to your contact!


Kind regards,

Claudius Hofmann

General Manager

MECLUBE Stainless steel pressure sprayers

MECLUBE Edelstahl Druckluft Sprühgeräte Zum Versprühen von Desinfektionsmittel, Reinigungsmittel usw

For the nebulization of desinfectants,
detergents etc…..

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DC sprayers


For the nebulization of,desinfectants,
detergents etc…..

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Heiz- und Isoliermäntel für Fässer und 1000 Liter IBC bei Renotherm Salzburg

Ideal for heating up:
Water, Oils, Diesel, AdBlue®


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HELIOSA® Infrared Heaters


Wärmestrahler für den Außenbereich zum Beheizeh von Gastgärten und Terassen

Perfect Temperature in
outdoor places


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