DEF (AdBlue®)-filling system for cars and trucks

PIUSI FLIPPER AdBlue®-Befüllungssystem für PKW und LKW

Main features:

This universal mobile filling system for DEF (AdBlue®) can be used for filling cars and trucks. The 230 Volt pump has an adjustable capacity of 2 – 10 l/min.

The automatic nozzle has an integrated meter showing the dispensed quantity.

A filter and a nozzle holder are part of the kit.


PIUSI DELPHIN PRO AdBlue® filling system for cars

PIUSI DELPHIN PRO-X AdBlue® PKW-Befüllungssystem - erhältlich bei Renotherm Salzburg


DC version available!

New AdBlue® filling system for cars DELPHIN PRO-X follows the former system PIUSI DELPHIN PRO


Main Features:

The innovative closed system prevents vapour and smells from leaking out and protects the AdBlue® from any external pollutant. The air in the car’s tank is actually transferred to the Delphin’s tank when the car is being refilled. Flexible, easy to move and use.

One unit for two applications:

The trolley is easy to modify simply by moving the wheels, to hold 60- or 200-litre drums.

Fully automatic:

Delphin Pro is extremely easy to use as well as intuitive, therefore reducing filling times. The digital meter checks the dispensed quantity. The entire refilling process is automatic.
Adjustable flow rate: from 3 to 11 l/min

EINFACHE BEDIENUNG AUF KNOPFDRUCK Die Einfüllpumpe wird mit einem einfachen Knopfdruck gestartet und stoppt automatisch, wenn der Tank voll ist.


The fastest automatic way to refill any car.Thanks to this option, DELPHIN PRO_X automatically adjust the flow rate accordingly to the vehicle’s tank.


By pre-setting the needed quantity theoperator can concentrate on something else while DELPHIN PRO_X is refilling. DELPHIN PRO_X will stop automatically when the preset quantity will be reached.

AdBlue® PKW-Tankstutzen

ISO universal connector:

The connector was developed to be compatible with all tanks for cars. The patented sensor eliminates the risk of leaks, stopping the flow automatically.
Self-Cleaning Sensor:
Piusi’s patented solution for the Delphin PRO makes sure that the sensor is always clean, without maintenance.




AdBlue® emptying pump for cars 


The new PIUSIBOX Car Suction system allows you to empty the fluid present in the AdBlue reservoir of the car with a few simple steps


Easy, clean, fast: PIUSIBOX Car Suction for AdBlue® is another smart solution by Piusi.